Calves in the barn, calf in the laundry room…

Something about spring coming makes me want to accumulate animals, much to my husband’s chagrin!  

It must be some primal urge to mother small creatures and since we are done having children, I have to take my mothering instinct to the corral…

That sounded really weird…


Because of my primal mothering instinct, and because the milk market has just tanked,  we now have 7 Holstein bottle calves in our barn…








Well, 6 Holstein calves in the barn and one sick calf in the laundry room…








What can I say? It’s cold outside, she needs supervision and I don’t feel like walking to the barn every 15 minutes to check on her…


This is also to my husband’s chagrin… I think he is really regretting taking me to the livestock sale this morning…

It’s like walking an alcoholic into a bar and handing them the bottle opener…

But he really loves me…really, really loves me… and it doesn’t hurt that he really loves beef too…


Not a big fan of sick beef in the laundry room though!

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  1. Oh, how darling! God bless you for having such a tender heart toward that poor, sick calf. She is so lucky to have such a great “mommy” helping her feel better! Good luck with all seven of them!

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