Cowboy Key Lime Pie

You would think that most cowboys are not sophisticated enough to enjoy the smooth texture and tartness of a good, simple key lime pie. 

But oh no, you would be sadly mistaken!! 

Cowboys eat anything that is easy, quick to make, and better yet, made for them.

This pie is so easy, has an amazing smooth texture, and goes great after a spicy meal–

Tfood-pics-024he Cast of Characters

 Ok, you really can’t get easier than 4 ingredients— unless it was two ingredients, or one ingredient…..



 I digress- – Kellie and Joe’s Key West Lime juice is a “Key” ingredient– get it, “Key”???–

He, He, He- I crack myself up!!!

Moving on– you can find this “Key” ingredient at Wally World for sure because that is where I bought it, where I buy absolutely everything, because that is the only place to buy absolutely everything in my corner of the universe— but I am pretty sure that Wally World is taking over every corner of the universe anyway…

Again, moving on

You can use regular lime juice, it just will be missing a certain tartness that comes with key limes–

—Preheat your oven to 350 degrees—

Begin by seperating 3 eggs yolks from their whites– easy as can be, I promise, and you can save the whites for the upcoming recipe, Fluffy Waffles

Add yolks to mixing bowl and beat well with a fork. 


Here is where I would add a picture of this, but, alas, none was taken–you will just have to use your imagination– 


 Pour in one can sweetened, condensed milk–

Please ignore the generic labels, these are tough economic times, and you can use whatever brand makes your little heart and wallet happy—

Mix well with fork– add 1/2 cup lime juice-  again, mix well-

Pour mixtfood-pics-029ure into a prepared graham cracker crust– you could get really complicated and make your own crust, but we are all about simplicity here–




 Place in pre-heated 350 degree oven for 10 minutes-

Remove from oven and let stand for 10 minutes to cool slightly, and then refrigerate—

 Here is where you have lots of options–

You can serve slightly warm with whipped cream, you can refrigerate, then serve with whipped cream, or you can freeze and serve with whipped cream.

Notice the whipped cream topping theme here– again, we are all about simplicity, so this is not cream that you buy and whip at home with a mixer adding fine pastry sugar and vanilla, although that does sound yummy–

T021his is normal, plain old Cool Whip and you know what?  Sometimes the simple, easy way is the best…..






T005op with Cool Whip and serve!!!

Once again, the out of focus pictures– I promise, they would be better with a new Nikon d90!!

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