Prairie Ranch Apple Crisp

What is more American this Veteran’s Day than something with apples? 

Sorry, not an apple pie– something that I dare to say is better!! 

 I must give kudos where kudos are due- this recipe is from a special friend’s grandmother– she also lived in small town America–

Have you not figured out by now that is where the best food is? 

I have dared to improvise on this recipe at one point, (much to my friend’s chagrin), and it was good, but we are all about simple here….

 So…. The Cast of Characters- apple-crisp-008

How is it that something so simple can come together into something so amazingly delicious? 

Ahhh, be still my beating heart, have patience…. for soon, (35 minutes at 375 to be exact) what you desire shall be yours!




Mix one cup sugar, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 3/4 cup flour, 1/4 tsp salt, and pumpkin pie or apple pie spice (in the amount you desire) together in a large mixing bowl.

I say large, because you are going to cut in 1/2 cup of butter until crumbly, and trust me when I say I am speaking from experience here— little bowls make for big messes when you do this— especially if you have your 7 yr old helping— 

I like to use my pastry blender— you could use two forks or two knives or your fingers if you really like to get into your food— just make sure that the butter is all nice and crumbled into the mixture– shooting for at least pea size here if not smaller—

Most recipes call for cornmeal texture– don’t know about you, but in all my years of cooking, I have never achieved cornmeal texture when cutting in butter—

I am ok with this— I am secure enough in my personhood that I can live without this achievement in my life– thank you….


Wash and peel 4- 6 Granny Smith, or other tart variety, apple– you can use Gala, Pink Lady, Washington’s, etc.  (Only said etc. cuz I couldn’t think of any more kinds…just don’t use Red or Golden Delicious- just won’t taste as good- trust me on this…)

My husband’s grandfather, bless his amazing heart, made us this lovely pig shaped cutting board– it’s very nice for small projects like this, although I do think at times, it looks a bit macabre…. especially with all the lovely apples on top— you know, the whole roasted pigs with apples in the mouth thing? 

Am I the only one that thinks this looks a bit strange?  Maybe this really is a unique experience– I do tend to have those often…..


Anyway, core and slice apples— I like to get my apples somewhat even in size, although, going for simplicity, it really does not matter— it is all going to cook into amazing yumminess, no matter which way you slice those apples–

If you are like me,  you will save your cores and peelings for the little hens in the back yard, but I know that many of you do not have hens in the back yard, so discard as needed…


Place sliced apples in a 9×13 baking dish– I used a Pyrex, but if I was really in the mood to get decorative with my pictures, I would have used a lovely pottery dish or something….

apple-crisp-022No need to grease the dish– it’s just fine on it’s own–

Sprinkle with topping, making sure to cover every little nook and cranny with sweet, cinnamony goodness-

You can add extra cinnamon or spices on top if you would like– we like extra on ours, you might too….

To really get the feel for this dish, you need to cook it while making dinner, making sure to have the ribs that are simmering on the stove boil over at least twice, forget to put the mashed potatoes on to cook and have to frantically make up for it in the microwave, chase two boys out of the kitchen, console a 7 yr old who cannot peel the apples because she has a cough, answer a phone call about hay, rescue a kitten from certain mauling by three rambunctious puppies, let two dogs out of the house, let two dogs back in the house, help 12 year old with homework, send 10 year old out to feed chickens with apple scraps, answer a phone call about puppies and talk husband out of taking pictures of you while cooking—  Your dish will taste better, I promise!

Place dish in preheated 375 degree oven for approximately 35-40 minutes or until the house smells incredible and the top is golden brown and slightly apple-crisp-001bubbly—-Remove from oven—

The Cool Whip Lite is to make myself feel better- yes, I know it does not negate the effects of the apple crisp– just let me live in my own little happy world for a while, ok?  Plus, it was on sapple-crisp-005ale at Wally World…




PS- Please ignore the finger marks in the Cool Whip on the Apple Crisp- I think my 7 yr old got to it before I did– turned my back for just a second…

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  1. This looks sooo yummy (and you cannot even tell that a 7 yr old put their fingers in the whip LOL) what a nice site you have!

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